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Payload 1kg - 1200kg



Payload 1200kg - 9000kg


Payload up to 24 tons

We specialise in international express and full-truck cargo transport. We act quickly and safely - across entire Europe.

We act quickly and safely - across entire Europe. We can transport any cargo: neutral, refrigerated and dangerous (ADR). The cargo capacity ranges from 1 kg to 24 tonnes.

Business facts about VISLINE. Chect it out!
Customer evaluations confirmed by tests according to ISO 9001 standard

Customer evaluations confirmed by tests according to ISO 9001 standard

In regular Customer Satisfaction surveys, we receive year-on-year recognition scores of 4.6/5pts.


  • 14 years on the transport market
  • Team of 150 qualified employees
  • Service in 8 languages
  • Fleet of over 160 vehicles with integrated GPS systems
  • Innovative application
  • Strategically located offices in Poland (Gdynia, Warszawa, Łódź, Poznań, Katowice, Kościerzyna) and Germany (Hamburg) and Ireland (Tullamore)
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