Corporate Social Responsibility

We act!

At Visline, the most important are the people and the environment in which they live. This is not just a declaration, but most importantly, action. See how in many critical areas - ecosystem protection, labor rights, safety, ethics in cooperation with partners - we have introduced principles and implemented actions for responsible business conduct with people and nature playing the leading roles.

We are equally committed to pro-social activities at the local, national, and international levels, supporting local initiatives, donating funds to charitable actions, or quickly responding to global crises, such as the war in Ukraine.

Nonetheless, it's still not enough for us, and every year we plan new activities, and the motto “corporate social responsibility” we gladly and with great satisfaction turn into reality.

Environment, Business Ethics, Employee Development

In all these areas, we have developed principles and sets of good practices, the result of which are implemented systemic solutions. A standard at Visline is the objective systems for evaluating conducted activities - we regularly undergo external audits, and the introduced international standards, such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001 certificates, are the best example of the company's development direction.

Caring for the Environment

  1. We have developed a quality and environmental policy in which we commit to preventing pollution and minimizing the negative impact of our environmental aspects as well as fulfilling the applicable environmental protection requirements
  2. We conduct greenhouse gas emission reports striving to reduce them
  3. We have introduced a reward system for drivers for eco-friendly driving
  4. We train in the principles of ecodriving
  5. We have modernized the company's headquarters towards zero emissions by installing 135 photovoltaic panels on the office building roof We train employees in waste segregation and energy saving
  6. Annually, we reduce the fuel consumption of our fleet by 0.1 l.
  7. We are modernizing the fleet towards low-emission vehicles, gradually transitioning to electric vehicles.
  8. As evidence of the above, we have an ISO 14001 certificate

Business Ethics

  1. We carry out timely payments for employees and contractors
  2. We have introduced an anti-corruption, anti-alcohol, and anti-drug policy - we are ready to help (although fortunately, there has been no need yet)
  3. We operate in accordance with the anti-discrimination and anti-bullying policy, thus we treat employees equally, promoting diversity and multiculturalism in the company
  4. Our recruitment process is simple and friendly - only two stages and the possibility to meet the team before employment
  5. We have appointed a dedicated CSR project leader to whom employees can turn with problems and initiatives related to the implementation of the business responsibility policy
  6. We regularly monitor the level of employee satisfaction - in anonymous surveys, we have not recorded any remarks concerning unequal pay, and the vast majority of the Visline team is satisfied with their salaries.

Employee Development

  1. We have introduced free language courses to increase employees' competencies
  2. We conduct regular mandatory internal training for all employees
  3. We organize dedicated external training; industry-specific and soft skills tailored to selected groups of employees
  4. We allow a flexible work system, consistent with the life-balance idea
  5. We run an inter-departmental experience exchange program
  6. We conduct development and motivational talks with employees - both in the spirit of the "coaching on the job" idea and systematized development talks at the beginning of each year

Red Logo, Green Heart

Thanks to our environmental protection efforts, we have managed to obtain as much as 62 kWh from renewable energy sources and significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Socially Sensitive

Helping brings us immense joy. And in this area, we operate just as efficiently as in transport. Last year, we managed to send over 200,000 PLN worth of funds and material aid to Ukraine. We regularly support athletes - sponsoring talented track and field athletes from the Olympian Skorzewo club. We also help the youngest by donating funds to an orphanage, which allowed us to finance computer equipment, Christmas gifts, and trips to amusement parks.