Postal address: Visline Sp. z o.o. 160 Rdestowa St., 81-577 Gdynia, Poland

Prohibition of assignment of receivables arising from this order without the written consent of Visline sp. Z o.o.


  1. Invoices have to be issued in Euro (EUR/€) and has to be marked with Visine order No. as the invoicing reference.
  2. Payment shall be made 60 days following the receipt of the invoice and all transportation documents (CMR, Delivery Note etc.)
  3. Visline Sp. z o.o. requires to send the Proof of Delivery by email to within 3 business days after delivery. Furthermore the original PODs and invoice have to be delivered to the address provided within 14 days after delivery. Failure to comply results in an extension of the payment to 90 days.
  4. he account number to which funds will be wired is automatically assigned in our system to the contractor from his first invoice. Updating the account No. may be made only by written information sent to us or by email to our accounts department. We shall not be held responsible for wiring funds to an outdated account number due to the carrier failure to advise about his new bank account.
  5. Visline Sp. z o.o. do not agree to the cession and/or any changes to the bank account in order to make a payment.
  6. For payment related inquiries please contact our account department Tel. +48 58 680 25 72 or every Tuesday and Thursday 12-2pm.


  1. Polish law applies to the transport agreement. Furthermore all transports have to be carried out in accordance to the Convention on the Contract for International Carriage of Goods by Road. The contractor must have a valid Goods in Transit Insurance.
  2. The Carrier is responsible to provide a suitable transportation unit in good technical condition, supervise the loading, stowing of the load and securing against a 3rd party access. Should the loader decline to load the truck due to the carrier not meeting the above requirements – he is obliged to substitute a replacement vehicle or cover the cost of providing such a vehicle by Visline.
  3. Costs of any load security materials are to be covered by the carrier. The driver is obliged to obtain from the shipper a receipt confirming the type and amount of collected security means.
  4. Subcontracting, co-loads and transshipping are strictly prohibited without a written permission of Visline.
  5. The carrier is responsible for any damages and costs resulting from a delayed delivery and/or any inequalities.
  6. Cancellation of the order only on a written permission of Visline.
  7. The carrier is solely responsible for contraband and irrevocably indemnifies Visline from all direct and indirect claims resulting from it.
  8. In the event of a failure to comply with 2,4,5,6,7 the Carrier may be charged with a penalty of up to 100% of the freight rate as well as any other costs that occur in a consequence of this matter.
  9. If reported to Visline the demurrage counts after 24hours from the scheduled collection/delivery date (48hours outside of the EU). Weekends and bank holidays are not subject to the demurrage charges. Waiting time has to be confirmed on the CMR by the shipper/ recipient. The maximal charge is 100EUR per each day.
  10. Should arise any complaint concerning the transport service or damage of the goods, the payment will be placed on hold until all disputes have been resolved. In case of any damage to the goods the carrier is obliged to report Visline immediately, produce a protocol of the damage and make a remark in the CMR. Non-compliance results in the recognition that it happened during transport and carrier bears responsibility for it.
  11. Visline reserves the right to cancel the transportation order day before the scheduled collection with no charges borne by Visline.
  12. The carrier undertakes to maintain confidentiality of all information known to him in the process of carrying out the order. It is forbidden to contact Visline customers during and within 2 years after carrying out the service. Violating this agreement will result in legal actions and a contract penalty of 20.000 EUR for each violation.
  13. By accepting this order the Carrier agrees with the above mentioned rules and conditions. Invalidity of an individual stipulation does not affect the validity of the rest of this transport order.
  14. All changes to this agreement have to be consulted and accepted by Visline with a written confirmation.
  15. In the case of disputes the legal venue for both parties shall be Gdańsk, Poland.

v.2 – 02.01.2017