We financially supported the children's trip to Legoland

In return for the support, the children painted a special picture for us, which now decorates the wall of our office.

Visline sponsors an orphanage and a pupils’ sports club.

We strongly believe that the positive energy they are experiencing now will lead to some great personal achievements in the future.


Young people are of the highest value for our future so we contribute to creating a better environment for their growth. Especially for the youngest. And so we support a pupils’ sport club OLIMPIJCZYK (An Olympian) in Skorzewo and a local orphanage.

Visline sponsors the Polish athlete Daniel Pek.

We support Daniel Pek because of his Vislinelike speed and efficiency, frequently listed among his characteristics.


Daniel Pek, a local sportsman from Kościerzyna, Poland, became famous as a middle-distance runner. One of his most important achievements is a vice-championship in London Paralympics.

Complete bathroom renovation in the home of a paralysed boy.

We funded a complete bathroom renovation in the flat of a family caring for a terminally ill boy.


Tymon is paralysed and additionally cannot see. The investment will make it easier for the parents caring for the seriously ill boy to have comfortable access to the sanitary facilities. The refurbishment will also allow Tymon to have a bit of pleasure while bathing in the spacious bathroom - touch is the main sense with which the boy can experience the world.